SEOrehabs has years of experience developing and managing complex PPC campaigns designed to keep your phones ringing with highly-qualified inquiries so you can keep your beds filled while maintaining a healthy waiting list. How do we do it?

We focus on building and managing highly-optimized pay-per-click campaigns. That means managing your search terms and keywords so that your ads only appear to the people searching for exactly what you offer. Too many PPC campaigns misunderstand Google’s complicated keywords rules.

For instance, many drug rehabs and alcohol and addiction treatment centers pay for keywords like “rehab” – and end up paying hundreds of dollars a week on searches for the latest celebrity going to rehab, or an athlete doing injury rehab, or on searches for things like “stroke rehab” or “physical therapy rehabilitation.” Give it a try – type “Rehab Addict” (the name of a popular television show about fixing houses) into Google, and see how many drug rehab facilities show up in the search results.

If you work for a private-pay drug rehab, you don’t want your advertising budget wasted on searches, clicks and calls from people looking for “free rehab” or “Medicaid” rehab. Yet, type “free rehab” into Google or Bing and see how many paid ads come up for addiction treatment programs that are going to waste time and money telling people, “Sorry, we don’t offer free rehab.” Is your program showing up for searches like these?

At SEOrehabs, our pay-per-click services pay for themselves. Our approach includes Conversion Tracking Setup, Account Structure Optimization, Traffic Quality Control, Time of Day/Day of Week Optimization, Geographical Optimization, Expert Bid Management, Ad Text Optimization and continuous testing and improvement of our clients’ ads. We’ll provide your drug rehab, alcohol recovery program or addiction treatment center with a free account audit, showing you precisely how we can optimize your PPC marketing for a dramatically improved return on spend that delivers not just website click and more calls – but lower-cost, better calls that lead to intakes from qualified inquiries.